Powered Paragliding For the Do-It-Yourselfer

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About Us

Keeping the dream alive.

The developer of these plans was passionate about powered paragliding. His vision was that a basic power unit could be built relatively easily with easily obtained tools. He went about devising not only a sound design, but details on how it could be constructed realistically. More importantly, he flew it, tweaked it, had others fly it, tweaked it some more before settling on the final design.

That was version 1.

Yours truly, Jeff Goin, test flew the prototype and liked it immediately. Being based on an existing sound design, it felt immediately comfortable. And I've flown numerous examples since then with pleasing results.

When it appeared the whole thing was going to go away as the designer pursued other interests, namely harmony at home,

I asked to buy most of the business which consisted mostly of this website and rights to the plans.

Realize that I'm not a builder. In fact, I would be best off not ever flying anything I built, but I recognize the value of having a viable plans-built machine for pilots who actually want to fly it.

This is my desire to see that continue.



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