Powered Paragliding For the Do-It-Yourselfer

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By clicking "I Agree" below, you agree to the following:

1. Powered Paragliding is dangerous and requires significant training to have any reasonable level of safety.

2. You could die, be maimed or suffer other serious injuries doing anything related to powered paragliding, including building your gear, hooking into a wing or simply moving the propeller on your paramotor.

3. You have read the Powered Paragliding Bible and watched "Risk and Reward," getting any questions you had answered by your instructor.

4. Before using your PPG equipment you have, or will attain, your PPG2 rating or its equivalent (USHPA P2 with extra training on motors), going through the USPPA syllabus with a qualified instructor.

5. Accept all the risk associated with any use of these plans. You absolve Jeff Goin, Jeff Baumgartner, PPGPlans.com, FootFlyer.com and all others associated with this endeavor, of all responsibility.

6. All rights are reserved on the plans and all contents of everything from this website. You are allowed only to use the plans for building a paramotor for your own use. You agree not to distribute them in ANY way. If you desire any other use beyond what's allowed here, permission is required from Jeff Goin of 737jeff@gmail.com.

This is risky, and you take this risk completely of your own volition!

Now that we've covered the essentials, and you're ok with them, go have fun in your endeavor. Powered paragliding, in spite of some unavoidable risk, is the greatest time humans can have in the air.

Thanks to Jorge of ParamotorMexico.com for updating the instructions.

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