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Skybolt Paramotor Kits

At present there is only one supplier of complete kits.

2011-Mar-14 Update
Robert Williams has improved his kit to include the Safety Ring, a feature that adds an additional hoop near the prop tips that makes the cage dramatically more resistant to hand injury through the net. It also closes large gaps in the lower quadrants.

For pilots who would like to hasten their trek to having a completed skybolt, now there's an option. Robert Williams is selling kits with all the required machined parts, all the tubing bent and many other fabrication chores completed. The builder primarily has only to bolt it together.

Pictured below is what you will receive along with an assembly guide with part numbers for ease of construction and replacements for those minor ooopses.

He also includes a listing of other sources for the remaining assembly parts.

Special requests can be made for polished or powder coated finishes.  

Blue ( semi perm) and red (perm) Locktite will be shipped with each kit.

The $725 kit can be purchased through Robert Williams of Germansville, PA,
484-505-0045. Visit www.SkyBoltKit.com.

PPGPlans is not connected in any way with this kit nor do we make any claims or warranties. We only present the information as a service to those interested in a offloading some of the fabrication process.




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